It is an acknowledgment and celebration of Bronx born and/or identified women entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers--we’ve always been here, holding it down and lifting it up...

“La Bronx” is a simple way to communicate this distinction AND inspire other women to live out their dreams.  We hope to see supportive men wearing the gear as well! 

A portion of net profits from sales will form an “Angelita Fund” to support female entrepreneurs in The Bronx. It will require a very short application process, but more on that later.

In the meantime, stay tuned as we amplify the amplify our collective voice to other women in our beautiful borough, and beyond.

La Bronx Respondents

Mrs. Ross boast about the dance parties she hosted at her beautiful home in #HuntsPoint since the 1950’s. At 95 years young, she can still bust a move, just dare her to prove that she can still lift her leg over her head!

Ms. Joyce was the first Black American “Family Worker” at P.S. 48 in the early 1970’s. Her efforts successfully encouraged increased parental involvement and created engaging social programs for parents and students alike. Ms. Joyce is still involved in promoting equality, improving the quality of life and justice for all of her neighbors and in communities all over the country.